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Arts Madness

Once again, this year I will be hosting an Arts Madness Tournament this Spring. Anyone interested will be able to vote in a series of weekly head to head matchups until our field of 64 diverse artists gets narrowed down to just 1 ultimate champion. Next week, I will post the slides with work from every artist, a little info about them and a form to predict the winner. At the end of the tournament I will send a prize to one person who correctly predicted the winner.

Check out the Arts Madness page for more info.

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This Week's Episode

Marcus Bromander - Among Us

Marcus Bromander is one of the co-creators and co-designers of the extremely popular game, Among Us. For this episode, I spoke with Jeff Arndt, a fellow art teacher, about Bromander and his work.

Although Among Us is an online game, it was actually inspired by Bromander's love of a game he played with his friends in real life when he was growing up. The social aspects of gaming have become particularly important during the global pandemic making Among Us a perfect game for this time as it has allowed for people to maintain connection with friends while social distancing.

Connect socially from a safe distance...