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Arts Madness Round 1

Season 6 is all about the Arts Madness Tournament

Every Spring, I host a fun tournament asking listeners from around the world to vote for their favorite artists in a series of head to head matchups. Over 6 weeks, we narrow the field from 64 down to 1 ultimate artist. From December 25, 2022 until February 27, 2023, I will be releasing 64 mini episodes to give you a quick refresher on all the artists and artworks in this year's tournament. 

Because I believe that art is for everyone, every episode is clean and appropriate for listeners of any age. Teachers, feel free to use this as a resource in your classroom. It is a fun way to get students critically engaged with art history. As an added bonus, I'll be using my February ad money to send out prizes to listeners. Tell all your friends, and leave a rating/review in your favorite podcast app. The more listeners we get participating, the more I can give away!

2023 Arts Madness Tournament links:

Art Smart

Learn about media.

Season 1 covered the elements and principles. Season 2 covered different movements. For season 3, Art Smart is focusing on media. In each episode, you'll hear a short story to get a historical perspective, then I talked to the makers of some of my favorite materials like Ticonderoga pencils, Amaco clays and Prang watercolors to find out how the medium is made and how to make the most of it in our studio. 

Find more on the Art Smart website: www.ArtSmartPodcast.com

Art Explora

I am very excited to announce that Who ARTed will be a part of the Art Explora Foundation's Academy. They have been working hard to develop a comprehensive resource that will be free to use making quality art education accessible to everyone. They have developed 11 new courses and a vast media library including articles, images, audio and video from cultural institutions such as The Tate Museum, The Louvre, Beaux Arts and podcasts like Art Curious. Those who complete the courses can earn a certificate validated by Sorbonne University! 


If you would like to give feedback, corrections, suggest a topic or want to be a guest and discuss an artist/work you are passionate about, email whoartedpodcast@gmail.com 

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