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Welcome to Who ARTed where we explore visual arts in an audio medium. I'm your host Kyle Wood...

I earned my BFA with Emphasis in Art Education in 2007. I have been teaching elementary Art ever since. I am a National Board Certified Teacher and have a Masters in Education with a Concentration in Teaching with Technology. Over the years I have been priviledged to serve in numerous roles sharing my passion for quality education in designing and implementing pilot studies of uses for various devices in the art room, serving on committees for curriculum and assessment, leading professional development, presenting at educational confrences and serving on the school board in my local community. In 2019, I started my podcast as a way of experimenting with the medium in order to prepare to teach my students to create their own podcasts in collaboration with my colleague and absolute favorite librarian, Tony Kresl. 

When the pandemic hit in 2020, I cut my first season short as I was scrambling to cope with all of the sudden changes and focusing my energy on taking care of my family first. In the fall of 2020, as remote learning was extended far longer than any of us first anticipated, I decided to ramp up production on the podcast as a means of maintaining more connection with my students and providing them with a resource to explore art history, a passive way to engage in academic content for those who were overwhelmed with the workload, and a familiar voice in their feed whenever they might want it. 

I believe that education should be free for all, so I never put my resources behind a paywall. My teacher resource page has links to video lesson plans, and other supportive materials like the slides docs I use to gamify my classroom and the virtual podcast gallery. I welcome my fellow art teachers to copy, modify and utilize any resources I have for free.

Every week I critique the work of far greater artists. It seems only fair to put my work out for others to judge. 

About my artwork:

My studio concentration was primarily painting. I was drawn to modernism and loved working in oils to create abstract paintings. Around the time of my graduation, I started to become dissatisfied with the esoteric nature of modernism and began experimenting with ways of making work that would engage the audience, make the work more accessible, more democratic and simply more fun. The first iteration of this came in the form of modular paintings. I kept my paintings in the same painterly, abstract aesthetic, but applied the old Surrealist exquisite corpse technique working from the edges to make panels that would align in multiple ways inviting the viewer to rearrange the canvases and thus become a collaborator in the artistic process by altering the composition to suit their tastes.

As I have matured as an artist, a teacher and a father, I have found that my ultimate goal is to spread joy. When I asked my young son what he would like for a picture on his wall, he thought for a moment then told me "rainbow... puppy... science lab." I take his approach of simply combining things he loves is perhaps the greatest bit of wisdom every shared with me regarding the artistic process. I started returning to more figurative work keeping it loose and sketchy in a cartoon style that first sparked my love of art as a child. I now work primarily making prints that combine approaches from various modern movements I love including Pop Art, Op Art, and Abstract Expressionism. 

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