Art Heist Challenge

It's a race to recover some of the world's greatest artwork from the world's nastiest villain!

Art Heist challenge

Info for teachers:

For this game, you will want to print copies of each of the artworks in the gallery. I print multiple copies so each team can recover a copy of each of the masterpieces. Set up an obstacle course between the students and the artworks. Dr. Meaniebadguy is cunning and can create all sorts of devices to protect his ill-gotten collection. He may turn sections of the floor into lava. His black lights can turn neon yarn into lasers. His powers are limited only by his imagination. Luckily, the doctor is mean, but not pure evil. Anyone caught in his traps will be transported unharmed back to the start.

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Here is a folder with images from the collection.

Learn more about the artworks in this collection