Art Smart Game: Expert

Level: Expert

The Rules of the Game

Teams will compete to earn the most points they can.

Each question/challenge is worth 10 points.

The game will start with a physical challenge to determine who gets control of the game first.

Physical Challenges: different types of physical challenges are listed in the physical challenge section. Each challenge is a race between the teams to complete the task such as identifying and retrieving a tool, putting together a picture puzzle, identifying a work of art, etc.

The team with control of the game will be asked a question. They will decide whether to answer the question or dare another team to try it.

Daring a team to answer a question doubles the point value of that question. If the team who was dared answers correctly, they get the points. If they guess incorrectly, the team who dared them gets the points.

When a team is dared to answer a question, they can choose to answer it or double dare sending the question back to the original team and doubling the point value again (now worth 40 points).

When a team is double dared, they must either answer the question or take the physical challenge. In a physical challenge, all teams compete and the winning team receives 40 points and control of the game.

Materials required for the game:

dice, printed pictures of famous works of art cut into pieces, markers with strings tied to the ends, paper and supplies typically found in the art classroom

Physical Challenges

Art Double Dare - Physical Challenges

Game Questions

3-5 Questions

Team 1

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Team 3

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Team 2

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Team 4

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