Fun Fact Fridays

Each Friday I am releasing mini episodes featuring fun facts, interesting annecdotes and surprising bits of science related to the art world. Available wherever you listen to podcasts. Please like and subscribe.


The Mummy's Curse

The Scream

The World's Oldest Art

DayGlo Colors

Take the Money and Run

Who invented the smiley face?

Jackson Pollock Rags to Riches

Georgia O'Keeffe Painted in her Car

Andy Warhol had a Mummy Foot




The Color Yellow

The Color Orange

The Color Red

What is Color?

The Curious Case of Nat Tate

Michelangelo Stunk

The Erased Masterpiece

It Really Seems Like Leonardo da Vinci Had ADHD

The World's First Photobomb

The Primary Colors: Way More Complicated Than You Thought

Pablo Picasso: Art Thief?

Killer Wallpaper

Who Would Spend a Night in a House Made of Lego?

The Artists Feuding Over the World's Blackest Black

What's Up with ROY G BIV?

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