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Norman Rockwell | The Problem We All Live With

Norman Rockwell is probably best known for his wholesome and nostalgic illustrations that graced the covers of The Saturday Evening Post for decades. His name has become shorthand for an idealized version of America but as we all know, in great art, there is always more than meets the eye. In this episode, we did not focus on Rockwell’s depictions of the American mythos. If you are interested in that stuff, check out my previous episode on Freedom from Want. For this episode, we focused on the hard truths Rockwell depicted in The Problem We All Live With. This is a piece about the struggle surrounding race, integration and equity and regardless of race, gender, ability, religion or other cultural identifiers, the struggle for equity is one we all live with because injustice for anyone is a harm to everyone. Norman Rockwell believed that our ideal of all people being treated fairly was important enough that he felt compelled to use his platform and his talents to call attention to it.

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